family sitting on couch together teaching their children the importance of moral values

5 Simple Ways to Teach the Importance of Moral Values

Building strong family values is an incredibly important part of parenting, but often it goes without specific thought.  If you truly want to build strong family values, you need to do some things to intentionally pass on those family values to your children.  Some things in parenting are taught and others are “caught” – meaning some things you try to teach your children have to be shown by your example.  

When my daughters were young, I remember thinking that I didn’t always need to talk through my reasons for why we were doing something because they would just know that this was important to our family.  But over the years, I’ve realized the importance of moral values and that the more you have an open conversation about the why behind the things you do, your beliefs, the way you treat people, your integrity, and basically, your character, the more your children learn these things at an early age, they will have the opportunity to choose the right path in difficult situations and follow in your footsteps.  

family sitting on couch together teaching their children the importance of moral values

Moral Values Definition

Moral values can be defined as the standards that are used to determine what is right and wrong and the behaviors that go along with those beliefs.  If you do a quick online search for “family values definition” you will find “values held to be traditionally learned or reinforced within a family, such as those of high moral standards and discipline.”

When you think about family values and moral values, they are simply the standards and beliefs that a family has adopted that help to determine the actions and behaviors that go along with the standards of right and wrong.  You may think about good moral values like honesty, looking for the needs of others, character development, and being kind to each other.  These values are rooted in the Bible and are great values to teach your children.  
They could also be considered moral values – the things we need to do to get along well with other people.  

But there are also family values that are rooted in your own family history and tradition that may extend beyond the moral values needed to get along well with people.  When you get married and start a family, you are combining two sets of family history and tradition and trying to make it become a new unwritten list of the things that are important in your own family.  

Importance of Moral Values

Moral values and moral education play a significant part of early childhood.  Kids begin to determine what the moral principles are in their family and culture at a young age.  Based on personal experiences in daily life and the role models around them, a growing child starts to build their understanding of what is expected in life.  

Some children seem to naturally learn the good values and personality traits to make right decisions, while for other, it can be challenging as they fight against compliance and obedience.  Building good character in your children takes intentional and consistent work to help them in their personal growth to become a man or woman with strong moral values.  

A child’s family probably has the single most important part in developing and encouraging strong character.  Using positive reinforcement, personality development, and spending time with critical thinking about different people and situations, you can help your child take small steps to help grow up to be a responsible person with a high regard for what is right.  

What are Moral Values Examples for Christian Families?

You may be wondering what are moral values and need some specific moral values examples that you can implement. Some of the most important moral values follow closely with the biblical 10 commandments and blend ethical values with the best way to get a long with others and making the world around you a better place.  

  • Honesty and integrity have to do with how other people can trust you and your word.
  • Compassion for others’ needs is the heart of the stories of Jesus and His life.  He was always looking for ways to help others and make their daily lives better.
  • Gratitude is the first step in recognizing the good others do for you.  
  • Respect plays a significant role in how you interact with others.  
  • Cooperation is much more than a pleasant personality, it’s how you work with together others get along well.  A good sense of cooperation in student life and professional life will help you be an invaluable member of your family, classroom, or job environment.  
  • Perseverance is the dedication and “stick-to-it-iveness” to see a job finished.  Committing to work through difficult things to the final outcome even when it requires hard work.  
  • Courage may look different in different cultures, but when paired with a Christian mindset that God will strengthen you and be with you can change how you approach different situations.  
  • Equality is being able to see that everyone has equal value in God’s eyes and treating people with respect.
  • Kindness is another factor in how we treat other people.
  • Love God – This is an integral part of several moral values and determines your standard of action and reaction in most of the above moral values examples.  

5 Simple Ways to Build Strong Family Values

Building strong family values doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming, but it does need to be intentional.  You may not know when you will have a great opportunity or teachable moment to share the important values with your children.  Intentionally planning for opportunities to spend time together will provide time and space for conversations that can lead to talking about the values of life and your personal values.  This can give children a strong sense of direction as they grow.  

Building Family Values Through Prayer and Bible Study Together

When you consider family values, you have to also consider the reason these values are important to you and your family.  What moral compass are you using to determine what is determining your core values in life?  In the classic children’s song about the wise man building his house on the rock, as you build and develop strong family values, you want those values to be founded on God’s word.  

Developing a consistent prayer and devotional time for your family is critical even when they are very young.  Children feel loved and cared for when they are raised in an environment of healthy routines and focus on Jesus’ love for them.  Here are some ways to develop your family’s prayer and Bible study.  

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Service Projects that Develop Family Values

Another fantastic way to develop and show your children the values that you hold is through service.  Taking time to reach out to people you don’t know, help those who are hurting, or providing for those in need, shows your children that you value other people.  Even if they don’t look like you, live like you, smell like you, or have anything in common at all, you are showing that you value others.  

Working on service projects or doing kind deeds for others, provides opportunities for you to talk to your children about choices, consequences, grace, and God’s love.  

Here some additional resources to help you find a good fit for service with your family.

Random Acts of Kindness that Build Strong Family Values

Random acts of kindness can seem very similar to acts of service, but the main difference is that you can do random acts of kindness anytime.  Often, these acts of kindness are more individual.  The main theme again is that we want our children to learn to think of others and what they need or what might make them happy.  

The Family that Plays Together Stays Today

Spend time playing together and plan for intentional family time together.  As your children see you interact when playing a game, you can teach them lessons of kindness, integrity and honesty.  You can show them how sometimes it’s okay to let someone else win because you care about how they feel.  

When you are working on developing family values that are good and honest, you have to guard what other values come into your home. Take time to value your family members and look them in the eyes, play games with them, and talk to them about their joys and fears, sorrows and laughter.

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Talk With Your Kids  

Listen to who they talk about about and the situations they are dealing with.  Help them to process how to react in different situations.  Prepare them for the what ifs and how to handle that and then talk about next time and how they could do things differently to have a better result or outcome.  

As you talk, you can weave the essential moral value into the conversation with Bible verses, stories, or personal experiences.  Sometime stories of what didn’t work well can help point children in the right direction and they realize the significance of moral values and how that can impact their relationships with others and with God.  

red heart in the palms of two hands representing the moral values that are important in training children

The Importance of Family Values

Moral development and family values go hand in hand as they each go together as you grow and mold your child’s character to reflect the good example that Jesus set for us in His life on this earth.  As you reflect on the family values and importance of moral values that you want your children to have deep within their hearts, look at your example and think about how you can encourage those values by living them out in your life every single day.  

Talk about the importance of moral values and the things in your home and life that can build those family values up and tune out as much of the unimportant or negative influences as you can.  Treat each day as a gift and your one opportunity to be an example and share with your family.  Train your young children in each stage of life as they make ethical decisions, build positive relationships, do the right thing.  

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