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Need a Bible Quiz for Kids? Huge List of Questions and Answers!

Finding the Perfect Bible Quiz for Kids

This huge collection of Bible questions and answers for kids is a fantastic resource when you need a Bible quiz for kids! Whether you need a who am I Bible game or Bible trivia questions, they are all here.

You have probably landed here because you are looking for a great Bible quiz for kids. If you are a youth leader, Pathfinder director, camp leader, VBS helper, Sabbath School, or Sunday School teacher, You often need a Bible quiz with answers. You want to know what are some good Bible questions without taking hours to create your Bible quiz for kids. If this sounds like your situation, you are in the right spot!

This post contains lots of links to Bible quizzes for kids that will save you hours of time searching all over the web trying to find the perfect Bible quiz for your kids.

This post may contain affiliate links. That simply means that I may receive a small commission when you purchase something through the link at no additional cost to you.

When you Need a Bible Quiz with Answers

Any time you are leading an event, it is really helpful to have a Bible quiz with answers so you don’t have to invent or figure out the answers. Finding a Bible quiz with answers means you are ready to go with a Bible quiz for kids and you can spend your time preparing other things instead of creating a Bible quiz with answers.

What are some good Bible questions?

You may be wondering what are some good Bible questions for your Bible quiz with kids. If you are working with younger kids, you will want to find some Bible questions and answers for kids that are easy enough for your audience. Facts and people in common and well-known Bible stories are a great place to start. You can use simple Bible questions like: “who built the ark?” or “how many sons with Adam and Eve have?”. If you have been studying or learning about a specific Bible character, that is a good place to start with your questions to expand and test the learning that has occurred.

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Who am I Game From the Bible

Bible characters are always fun to include in a Bible quiz for kids. Bible trivia questions about characters in the Bible can increase your knowledge. Because they have stories surrounding them, you can often create or ask several questions about the same person by asking about different aspects of their story. Here are a whole bunch of different who am I games from the Bible that you can mix and match to add to your Bible quiz for kids.

Bible Quiz for Youth

If you are working with older kids or adults, you will probably want some more difficult questions and answers. This collection of Bible quizzes for youth will provide you with a lot of different options. It’s always a good idea to proof the questions and answers before you read them aloud or hand them out to make sure they are accurate. Whenever you do a Bible quiz for youth, you are probably looking for ways to engage the kids and keep them interested and interactive.

Some of these Bible quizzes for youth questions may have Bible verses that can help the kids find the answers. If your participants will need Bibles or other materials or resources, make sure you have planned ahead to have those supplies on hand.

Bible escape room games can be another fun way to work in a Bible quiz for youth. When you combine puzzles, questions, and solutions together into a game format, your youth group, family, or Pathfinder group will likely have a lot of fun trying to figure out the answers. If you’ve never done a Bible escape room game, you can read more about them here: Bible Escape Room Games.

Funny Bible Trivia Questions

Funny Bible trivia questions can be a fun way to add some riddles or word puzzles to your Bible quiz for kids. Some of these funny Bible trivia questions are far-fetched and probably not answers your players will be able to figure out but will probably make them “groan” when they hear the answers. Once you start down the road of funny Bible trivia questions, you will probably be able to come up with your own.

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Bible Questions and Answers for Kids

As you plan your next event or Bible quiz for kids, I hope these Bible questions and answers for kids will be really helpful as your prepare. Whether you are going to use Bible trivia questions, a who am I game from the Bible, funny Bible trivia questions, or simply a Bible quiz with answers, I’m sure your kids, students, or friends will enjoy these Bible quizzes.

The fun thing about Bible questions and answers for kids is that the more you practice and play these games, the more you will learn about the Bible and the characters within the Bible stories.

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