family playing card games for kids together

17 Exciting Card Games for Kids

If you are planning a family game night or just need some new ideas for some card games for kids, this list will help you find some great family card games to play with your kids. Whether you need simple card games for kids, easy card games for two, or family card games that the whole family can enjoy, you are sure to find a new one for your game closet in this list!

Playing games together as a family is a great way to strengthen your parent-child relationship, and teach your child to follow directions, be honest, and win and lose gracefully. Playing card games for families provides an opportunity for lots of laughs and connections. As children learn to play within the rules, to be honest, and to play fairly by watching your example, they will be able to transfer these skills to other parts of life as well.

family playing a card game together

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Card Games for Kids

Some of the best card games for kids are the old, tried, and true games of your childhood. Not only are these games quick and easy, but they are also portable so you can stash one or two in your purse or in the car for emergencies when you need something to keep everyone occupied.

Once your young child learns how to play the game, they will be ready to play over and over again. That’s why you need an arsenal of different card games to play with kids so you don’t get stuck playing Uno a million times in your sleep!

Choosing a variety of card games for families to play with your kids also offers different skills and challenges for your kids to learn as they play. When you spend time playing games as a family, your time together strengthens your relationships.

Here are some classic card games for kids to play together. These card games for families don’t take a lot of skill or even a lot of time, but playing together even for a short time frequently builds memories and relationships.

Easy Card Games for Kids for Two Players

Many of the card games for kids in this post are easy card games for two players. When you have games that only require two players, you have a lot more options. Sometimes you need some family card games for a crowd but other times you may just need an easy card game for two.

Often, when you are playing an easy card game for two, you have the opportunity to help your child learn the strategy, how to play their cards and learn the specifics of the game. It doesn’t have to be so much about winning or losing, but rather just playing together.

If your child is young and just learning the skill of playing card games, you can start with simple card games for kids like the ones listed above.

Then, as they learn the basics of taking turns, strategy, and playing kindly with others, you can increase your selection of simple card games for kids to include some with more skill or a little more challenge.

Usually, no matter what the game is, if you enjoy playing and spending time with your child, your kids will also enjoy and you will find with ones are the best family card games for your family.

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Best Card Games for Kids to Play as a Family

Here’s the list you came for: the best card games for kids! Get ready for your family game night and check out some of these great family card games. When you invite your kids’ friends over, the cousins are at your house, or you have a family get-together, you will enjoy each of these card games for families as you laugh and play together.

  • The classic Memory game is always a hit!
  • Try your hand and reflexes when you play Smack It
  • Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is simple to play but hilariously fun!
  • Easy to transport, this game can fit in your purse, or in the pocket of the car for fun on the road. Found It! Scavenger Hunt
  • Another small little game that is quick to play is Blink
  • Guess in 10 Animal Planet is quick and fun to play and can be done with a few cards or played for a longer time.
  • This game is definitely one that will keep you all in laughter and silliness! Snorta is a funny game that required you to remember the other players animals. Loads of fun!
  • Work on your number skills and help your children put their numbers in order by playing Racko.
  • Grandpa Beck’s Nuts about Mutts is a game about eliminating cards in your hand.
  • Fill in the blanks with Kids Create Absurdity
  • Hold your cards close and pay attention to your strategy when playing Guess Who?
  • Printable Bingo Games
family playing card games for families together

Bingo games may not come to the top of your idea list as a card game for kids, but even at a young age (and older ages as well) kids and adults enjoy playing bingo. Find a theme you enjoy and find a game that matches that theme like this camping bingo that you can print at home and play over and over again.

You can also print a Bible story bingo such as Noah’s Ark, Easter Story, Nativity, and Moses. These are great to mix up and play for a while and then swap out as you are teaching your child a new story or reviewing details while you play the game.

Using Family Card Games to Build Relationships

As a mom, you want to use every opportunity you can to build a positive relationship with your child. Playing together is an easy way to spend one on one time together or family time together as you laugh, learn, and enjoy your time together.

Go pull your family card games out and plan a game night today! Try a new card game for kids and enjoy the learning opportunity and fun for the whole family.

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