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25 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids during the Holidays

Random acts of kindness for kids during the holidays can be a whole lot of fun to plan, do, and watch the response of the people who receive these random acts of kindness. Of course, random acts of kindness are fun every single day of the year, but especially during the holidays.

Helping your children learn to look for ways to be kind to others is a character trait that will help them as they grow up. When a child learns to be kind and share kindness with others, they will grow up to be kind and caring adults. You may question this as they go through their teenage years, but the things you teach them when they are young, the things they see you doing, will stick with them as they grow.

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Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

The first thing to help children understand is that a random act of kindness is something that is done without expecting something in return. For example, if you leave a small gift for someone else, you are not expecting a gift in return. It is not something that is done to exchange an obligation or with expectation, but rather simply for the joy of seeing someone else’s joy.

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25 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids during the Holidays

The Christmas season is the perfect time to start encouraging random acts of kindness for kids as they are likely thinking of others in their gift giving. Simply thinking about the reason that we celebrate Christmas – the ultimate gift of Jesus – helps you put kindness into perspective as you think of ways to show random acts of kindness to others during the holidays.

  1. Collect toiletries, socks, gloves, and bottled water to make care bags for the homeless.
  2. Make a plate of goodies and deliver it to an elderly or lonely neighbor.
  3. Write a thank you note to your teacher.
  4. Pack a shoebox for kids in a different country with Samaritan’s Purse
  5. Open the door for someone.
  6. Raise money to buy a goat or chickens for a family to start a business and have food through ADRA.
  7. Create a card for an elderly or lonely person at church.
  8. Write a letter to your grandparents just to tell them how much you love them.
  9. Do something special for your mom without being asked, like clearing the table, emptying the trash, giving her a hug, telling her you love her, or making her favorite treat.
  10. Read your favorite Christmas book or story to a friend, younger siblings, or cousins.
  11. Clean up a mess you didn’t make.
  12. Take care of your pets.
  13. Fold the laundry.
  14. Write a note to your dad and tell him why you love him.
  15. Write a sticky note that says “I love you” and hide it for someone to find it.
  16. Empty the dishwasher.
  17. Record a video of what you appreciate about someone and send it to them.
  18. Rake some leaves or shovel the snow for a neighbor.
  19. Clean up the yard after your dog.
  20. Give your mom or dad a back rub.
  21. Make a secret gift for someone in your family.
  22. Smile and wave at someone.
  23. Take someone’s empty cart back to the store for them.
  24. Leave a hidden note for each person in your family and tell them one thing you love about them.
  25. Let someone else take the biggest piece of pie or the biggest cookie.
  26. Write a thank you letter to God for the gift of Jesus.

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Little girl giving a gift as a random act of kindness

Encouraging Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

The best way to encourage your kids to participate in random acts of kindness is to be an example. Make it part of your family culture and tradition but not just at the holidays, but all throughout the year. Start practicing random acts of kindness for your kids to teach them how to share their own random acts of kindness to others.

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