Small nativity set suitable for toddlers to play with

15 Awesome Nativity Sets for Toddlers

Sharing the story of Jesus with a kids nativity set can bring the Christmas story alive for your child as they If you are searching for the best nativity sets for toddlers, you are most likely looking for something that will endure rough play while withstanding lots of love.  Here are some of the best nativity sets for toddlers that will bring the joy of the birth of Jesus into the hands of your young child.

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13 Awesome Nativity Sets for Toddlers

From the time children are young, they are fascinated with new toys.  Especially when those toys are special and only come out for special occasions.  Adding a toddler safe nativity set to your child’s toys will help them to be able to learn the story of the birth of Jesus and play-act the story while internalizing the story.

Each one of these nativity sets for toddlers will make telling the Christmas story more fun when your child can see the story come alive as they are playing. Give your child an early start as they learn and explore the Bible through toys, books, and games that will help them learn about Jesus.

Fisher-Price Little People Nativity

This adorable set comes with chunky little figures that easily fit in a toddler’s hands as they move the characters around to tell the story of Jesus’ birth.

Melissa and Doug Nativity

You can’t go wrong with the durability of Melissa and Doug’s quality wooden toys. This beautiful set comes with a background scene and all the characters to tell the story of the birth of Jesus. This nativity set for toddlers will be a favorite for many years.


Nativity Felt Set

This beautiful felt set of the nativity for toddlers is so vibrant and colorful your child will want to tell the story of Jesus’ birth over and over again. The wonderful thing about felts is they are quiet and take up little space. Store them in a zip-top plastic bag and take them with you to church, in the car, or play with them at home.

Nativity Wooden Tray Puzzle

Those little toddler hands will enjoy putting these nativity puzzle pieces into the wooden tray. When the pieces come out, they can be used to set up a scene and tell the story.

Fisher-Price Little People Christmas Story

Here is another timeless Nativity set for toddlers. Fisher-Price Litte People has created an extended set from the one above. This set includes additional props like animals, the barnyard, and some hay. This adorable nativity set for toddlers will last for many years!

Nativity Wooden Play Set

Look at these chunky little wooden figures that are just perfect for a child’s small hands. The pieces will all fit into the barn which becomes the box for storage. Add some plastic animals and extend the scene if you’d like.

My First Noel Nativity Playset in a Box

This adorable nativity set is perfect for toddlers because it all stores safely inside a box with a handle. Now your child can carry their nativity playset along with them and keep all the pieces put away when not in use.

Nativity Nesting Dolls

These adorable wooden nesting dolls will withstand lots of little hands. Help your child tell the story of each person in the nesting doll all the way down to the tiniest member – the baby Jesus.

Nativity Wooden Tray Puzzle

This colorful, 24-piece wooden tray puzzle is a fun way to challenge your toddler to put the nativity picture together. Large pieces and a colorful picture make this tray puzzle a fun addition to your nativity collection!



Chipboard Nativity

These cute little chipboard figures and barn are perfect for a small space or for traveling with the nativity scene. The chipboard stands come apart and all of the pieces lay flat for minimal storage space. Sturdy pieces will stand up to the gentle use of little hands.

Bricks Nativity Ultimate Set

This set is so much fun. First, you get to build it and then move it around. This nativity set may not be best for toddlers as there are small pieces, but it needs to be on this list because you may have an older child that would enjoy this beautiful nativity set.

Printable Nativity Activities for Toddlers and Young Children

Nativity Coloring Book

Large, simple pictures and bubble letters invite young children to color these pages. 29 pages of pictures of the story of Jesus’ birth from the angel visiting Mary to Joseph and Mary returning to Nazareth after fleeing to Egypt. Download and print immediately.

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Birth of Jesus Bible Bingo

You may also like these Bible Bingo Games which are perfect for toddlers and young children to learn to identify and match pictures and tell the stories with picture cards. Play these games over and over again as your child learns the story and learns to play simple games.

Birth of Jesus Nativity Bingo game cards
Moses Bible story bingo game cards

Noah's Ark Bible bingo game cards

As you prepare for your toddler to enjoy the story of Jesus’ birth, ensure that they have ample time to play with their new nativity set so that they can enjoy and experience the story through their play. Use these nativity sets to supplement your family worship time and encourage your child to act out the story as you tell it or read it.

Nativity set picture with the words Nativity sets for toddlers

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