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Praying Powerful Prayers for Teachers and Your Child

When your child goes to school, the world shifts just a bit.  Your child is faced with new influences throughout the day while they are away from you.  Your prayers for teachers are now more important than ever.

As a mother, you want to see your child be successful in their education and learning.  You want them to make good friendships and develop a love for God.  You probably also want them to learn, grow, and become independent at some point in life.  Maybe before they are 33!

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The Importance of Prayers for Teachers

The single most important prayer you can pray for your child in school is to pray for their teacher.  When you drop your child off at school, you are handing over the adult influence to someone else.  Their teacher will be the one to explain history, talk about current events, and help them navigate difficult situations.

The teacher will be the one to administer discipline and hold your child accountable.  This is a huge job and the impact for good or evil for your child can last a lifetime. When your child goes to school, a shift begins to happen with new people influencing your child’s behavior and thinking.

As you daily pray for your child’s teachers, you are asking God to guide them as they encourage and support your child.

5 Steps to Pray for Your Child’s Teacher

  • Pray for their specific needs.  Even if you don’t know specifics, you know your child’s teacher has the same needs that you do.  To be loved, to have a home, food, and clothing.  They need friendships and support as well as a fulfilling job and a paycheck.
  • Pray for them in their role as a teacher.  Every teacher makes an impact on a child’s life.  You have raised and taught your child certain standards, right from wrong, and how to treat others and you want them to keep those values and stand up for what is right.  In your prayers for teachers, ask God to ehlp them have integrity, honesty, ingenuity, and perseverance to win your child’s trust in actions and in intellect.
  • As the teacher is sharing and teaching, they are teaching from a certain perspective that may differ from yours.  Pray for wisdom in handling these situations so you don’t undermine the teacher, but yet help your child to understand as well.  Pray that God will close your child’s eyes and ears to things that counter what they know is right.
  • Ask the teacher how you can pray for them.  It will probably take some time for you to get acquainted with your child’s teacher enough for them to feel like they can open up.  But make the effort and take the time.  This person is caring for your most treasured child.  If they share, be sure to actually pray about this and don’t just tell them you are praying for them.
  • Let them know you are praying for their health, wisdom, patience, and example.  Share with them when your child is blessed by something they’ve done or said in the classroom.  Help them to know that you recognize the influence they have and appreciate the positive impact on your child.

Prayers for Teachers

I can guarantee that your child’s teacher is under a lot of stress.  Working with children day in and day out is exhausting even for the best, most energetic teacher.  Carrying the responsibility of keeping their students safe physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, is a huge job.  When you multiply those responsibilities by the number of students in the classroom, the task can feel overwhelming.

Here are two prayers for teachers that you can pray for your child’s teacher.  These are examples of how to pray for different aspects of the teacher’s needs.

Dear Heavenly Father, you are the great teacher.  Thank you for giving us the ability to learn and explore new ideas and thoughts.  Today I pray for my child’s teacher. Please bless him/her with patience and empathy as they deal with my child and the other students.  Provide them with wisdom to teach the difficult things and to teach them in accordance with Your word. 

Put a hedge of protection around my child today.  Close up their ears from hearing things that will distract them from You.  Cover their eyes from seeing things that are wrong and help them to be a positive influence on their classmates.  Thank You for your new mercies every morning.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Dear Lord, today I ask that you will be with my child’s teacher.  Guide and direct them as they deal with discipline issues. Help them to encourage the kids to be honest, and help them get along.  Please give them the wisdom of Solomon and make it clear when they need to deal with a situation.  Help them to ask the right questions to get honest answers. 

Please help the teacher to feel fulfilled in their job and help them to be filled with the joy of the Lord.  Limit their influence on my child to be only what lines up with You and doesn’t influence them away from You.  Thank you for providing for the teacher’s needs today and help me to be a support to them.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

Blessings for Teachers

Every teacher needs parents and friends who will support them and encourage them.  As a mom, you can be a tremendous blessing to your child’s teacher which in turn will bless your child. When a teacher feels supported and appreciated, they are able to do their job much better.

Here are a few ways that you can be a blessing to a teacher.  Write them a note of encouragement.  Write down the good things your child is saying about school or a fun project or activity they really enjoyed.

Make up a box or bag of snacks for the teacher.  Teachers often share parts of their lunches with students who have forgotten their lunch or don’t have enough food.  Bless the teacher by giving them granola bars, and other non-perishable items that they can keep in their stash.  Find out their favorite candy and add some of that to the stash. And yes, sometimes teachers just need some chocolate that they don’t have to share!

Ask how you can help. As a busy teacher myself, those are the best blessings.  A parent willing to cut, laminate, do a bulletin board, purchase supplies for a project, or help with a field trip or activity is a treasured blessing!

Find a t-shirt or gift that speaks to their positive attributes.  My uncle is a math teacher and he has an entire collection of funny math t-shirts.  This has been a collection that has grown over the years as his students have found new ones for him.  Look for things that your teacher collects or enjoys and use that as a springboard for your ideas.

Remember that your child’s teacher has a life outside of the classroom as well.  A gift card for a hot drink or to go out to eat is a splurge that many teachers can’t afford very often.  Amazon gift cards or teacherspayteachers.com gift cards also make a teacher’s life easier!

Consider what you can do this week to be a blessing to your teachers.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time. But the thoughtfulness will bless your teacher which in turn blesses your child!

Daily Prayers for Teachers

Just as your child goes to school every day, you need to add your prayers for the teachers every day. Every single day they will be faced with opportunities, challenges, difficulties, and stress. Your prayers will help to sustain them and provide an extra level of support. As you add your prayers for teachers to the blessings that you can be to your child’s teacher, your child will have the best opportunity to be surrounded in an environment of learning, compassion, generosity, and care.

Resources to support your prayers for your child’s teachers

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