5 Important Back to School Prayers

Every year, children go back to school to learn, explore, make new friends, and grow. Your back to school prayers for your kids is probably becoming more frequent as the school year draws closer. Your kids may be anxious, excited, afraid, nervous, or completely ready to begin the year. You may be experiencing all of those feelings all well.

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Everyday prayers for back to school can help your child be successful as they begin a new milestone. Your prayers are critical every single day.

Back to School Prayers

Whether your child has been in school for 12 years or is just getting ready to begin their first day of preschool, your back to school prayers for your child can help them make the transition more easily, knowing that you are praying for them.

Our kids look up to us as parents, teachers, caregivers, and the adults in their lives and when they see us praying for them, it helps them realize the power of prayer and how it can be a daily part of their life as well. Our prayers for our kids can provide them with the feeling of safety, security, and create strong connections between them and us as the adults in their lives.

No matter what your child’s circumstances are in school or what grade they are going to be in, there are several things you can pray about in your back to school prayers.

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Prayer for Kids Going Back to School

There are many things you can pray about for your kids whether it’s back to school or in the middle of the school year. Every day, you will have specific things that you want to pray for depending on the current situations your child is facing such as friendship issues, an upcoming test, a project that is difficult or trying to get along with the teacher.

Prayer for Safety

O Lord, I pray that as my child is going to school, that You will put a hedge of protection around them physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Please help them to be strong against temptation and to stand up for what is right. If they see unkindness, help them to encourage a change. If they see evil, help them to know who to talk to and how to keep from getting entangled in temptations that would pull them away from you and harm them. Please put people in their life to be present and be paying attention to what is going on who can be eyes and ears and listening hearts for my child when they need help or encouragement. Thank you for being the Good Shepherd. Please take care of my precious child. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for Integrity

Dear Father in Heaven, I pray that You will help my child to have integrity in everything they do. Help them to be honest, to be diligent, and work hard to do what is right. If they stray from honesty, please help them to be caught so they can learn from their mistakes. Please help their teachers to encourage integrity in their work and their actions and help them to support them in making good decisions every day. If my child is struggling, please help them to have people they can talk to who will hold them accountable. Oh course, I want to be that person, but as my child grows, I pray that the people who have influence in my child’s life will also have integrity and be good examples to them. Thank you for providing your example of making the right choices in the face of temptation and evil. Thank you for your love and for your forgiveness when we fall short of obeying you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for Godly Friendships

Dear Jesus, You are the best example of a good friend. I pray that as my child goes to school, that they will find friends who will lift them up, encourage them to make good choices, and help them to do the right thing. Help them to be excited about being kind to others, to be helpful to their fellow students and teachers, and most of all, learn to love You together. Help their friendships to be positive and not divisive. I pray that my child will be a good friend to others as well and they they will be a testimony to the things we have taught and encouraged at home. Thank you so much for hearing our prayer and answering the needs of my child. We love you! Amen.

Prayer for a Strong Relationship with God

Dear Lord, I pray that as my child goes to school that you will help their heart and mind to yearn for a deeper relationship with God. Help them to have the opportunities to learn more, talk about, and be a witness to those around them about their love for You. Please fan the flames of their decisions to follow God into a blazing fire that nothing can put out. Please bring teachers and mentors into their life who will encourage them to dedicate their life to following You. I pray that you will multiply the witnesses of Your love and leading in my child’s life so that there is nothing that will pull them away from You. Thank you that you have great plans for my child, plans for a hope and a future as they grow. Thank you for Your blessings in our lives! In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer to be a Witness and Example for Good

Heavenly Father, today I pray that you will help my child to be a witness for You to their peers, their friends, and even the people they haven’t met yet. Help them to think about the way they are interacting, the things they are saying, and how they are including or excluding others. If they are not being good representatives for you, please help others to call them on it. Please give them eyes and hearts to see the good in others and to see people for how much You love them. Thank you for your consistent and unfailing love. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Back to School Prayers for Parents

Back to school time isn’t only a transition for our children. As moms, our schedules change, expand, and stretch as the routines adapt to school hours with holidays and vacation days sprinkled in. Back to school prayers for parents are just as important as they are for our children.

Transitions and changes in the influences on our children’s lives can be scary as we see our kids pick up habits, words, and attitudes that are new to them. As moms, we need to pray for eyes to see what is behind behaviors and hurt feelings, ears to listen to what isn’t being said, and hearts to love our children through challenges, tears, joys, and struggles.

A Back to School Prayer for Parents

Dear Father in Heaven, You know exactly how we are all feeling right now, today, in preparation for or during this school. Please give me the patience to listen, the grace to forgive, the heart to understand, and the eyes to see the needs of my child this year. Please give me wisdom to counsel and advise them, and consistency at home to support the changes going on in their life at school. Help me to provide a safe place for them where they will always know they are love by You and by me. Help me to reflect your love and grace to them every single day. Thank you for promising to give me wisdom when I ask. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayers for the School Year 

As you begin your prayers for the school year, remember that God loves your child more than you will ever understand. He wants what is best for them even more than you do. Sometimes it may feel like we need to convince God to take care of our children, but it’s what He wants to do more than anything.

Whether you are starting the year with back to school prayers, or praying with your children throughout the year, take the time to record His answers to your prayers as well. When you child makes a good choice, write it down so you can look back at the end of the month, the year, or the decade and see just how God has answered your prayers for your children.

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