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9 Awesome Prayer Journals for Kids

When children are learning how to develop a devotional life, just like adults, they need tools that will help them be consistent, guide them in their process, and encourage them to make daily worship time a priority. Finding prayer journals for kids that will inspire your child doesn’t have to be difficult.

Knowing that there will always be distractions and things that pull your child away from quiet time with Jesus each day, a prayer journal can serve as a daily reminder. Just like a to-do list, or checklist, a prayer journal can become an integral part of daily worship time.

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When you are looking for prayer journals for kids, there are three keys to help you choose a useful kid’s prayer journal. These three keys are simple, but important.

  • Ease of use
  • Attractiveness or engagement for your child
  • Price

Ease of use is important as you are choosing prayer journals for kids because you want the journal’s usefulness and complexity to match your child’s ability. If you have a very young child, you might not want to choose a prayer journal without lines on the paper or prayer prompts for kids. You want to choose a format that help your child be successful and want to use the prayer journal every day.

The biggest key for choosing prayer journals for kids is the way your child will engage with the prayer journal. If the prayer journal is too simple or too complex, your child may lose interest very quickly. So, you want the journal to be fun and engaging for your child but also something that holds their interest. A kids prayer journal is only useful if it gets used.

Finding a prayer journal that appeals to your child’s interests and artistic abilities will help your child engage with the journal and want to use it on a regular basis. This can make their devotional time more fun.

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Printable Prayer Journals for Kids

Printable prayer journals are really handy because you can download and print as many pages as you need. When your child needs more pages, just hit the print button and print some more. The links below have some really nice variety. You may want to print several of them and build a custom prayer journal for your kids.

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Prayer Prompts for Kids

Sometimes it is hard for kids (and adults) to know what to pray about. Prayer prompts can be helpful to get those prayers started. Knowing that prayer can be so much more than a simple, repeated set of phrases or sentences, prayer prompts for kids can help children pray about lots of things and know that God is hearing their prayers.

Prayer cards or scripture cards can be used in many different ways. They can be used as a prayer journal prompt or prayer prompt. They can also be used as lunch box notes for your child. Any time you can encourage scripture memorization, it’s a perfect place to use these scripture cards. Hang them on the bathroom mirror, recite them at the breakfast, use them as flash cards when memorizing, or simply use one each day to read during your child’s devotional time.

52 Bible Verse Lunch Box Notes – for Boys

Use these scripture cards to help your child learn and memorize scripture. Learn one a week. Tuck them in your child’s lunch to remind them that God loves them.

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52 Bible Verse Lunch Box Notes for Girls

Use these scripture cards to help your child learn and memorize scripture. Learn one a week. Tuck them in your child’s lunch to remind them that God loves them.

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Printable prayer cards for kids can be a helpful tool to help your child as they are memorizing scriptures, trying to figure out what to journal or pray about, and just filling their minds with God’s word. Many of the resources in this post can be mixed and matched and added together to create a rich devotional experience for your child.

As you research and find a prayer journal for your kids, I pray that your child will grow in their relationship with Jesus every single day.

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