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Cute Lunch Box Notes for Kids – Printable Love Notes

If you’ve been packing a lunch for your child for any amount of time, you know that the job can become tedious and boring.  Your child has probably decided what specific things they will eat each day and often it becomes a very limited menu.  Making kids’ lunches exciting takes some creativity but you can do this by adding little notes with inspirational messages into your child’s lunch box or lunch bag every day or on random days to surprise them.  Lunch notes for kindergarteners can be especially exciting as this may be the first time their are carrying their own lunch to school.

As a teacher, I’ve seen many lunch box notes in my classroom.  Usually, the child who opens their lunch and finds a note is really excited about this and shares the note with their friends as well.  This provides an opportunity in the middle of the school day for the child, and their friends, to feel the love and positive messages that were sent in their lunch.

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Lunch notes for Kindergarteners

Lunch box note for kindergarteners are simply notes of some sort that you put in your child’s lunch.  Simple as that!  It could be a joke, a Bible verse, and handwritten note, a loving note, or something else that you print or write.  Basically, it is a little love note to your child.  An “I’m thinking of you in the middle of the day” note.  Everyone loves to know that they are important to someone else and that someone else is thinking about them!  

Lunch box notes can come from a variety of places.  You can purchase lunch box notes on Etsy, TeachersPayTeachers, Amazon, and book stores.  If you decide to make your own, you just need some paper and a pen to write your note to your child.  It doesn’t have to take much time and is the perfect way to connect with you child while they are gone.  You can purchase lunch box notes for the entire year or find some free printable lunch notes without much effort.  

Lunch Box Jokes & Funny Lunch Box Notes

As children are growing and learning, simple jokes can really connect with their funny bone.  If you are going to put a note in your child’s lunch often, you will need a good supply of lunch box notes. A typical school year has about 180 days.  Here are some fun lunch box jokes to get you started.  These will be a great way for your child to connect with other kids in an easy way of simply sharing their lunch box joke for the day.  Funny pictures or a funny joke, tongue twisters, or a silly rhyme can all be funny lunch box notes.  These funny notes will likely be shared with other students.  

150 Joke Cards for Kids – This batch might be enough to get you through almost the entire school year, or you might decide to send jokes one day and an encouraging message another day and mix the lunch box notes up a bit.  

101 Lunchbox Notes with Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids – Everyone loves a good knock-knock joke and you can be sure that these lunch box notes will be shared with friends.

Encouraging Lunch Box Notes

Fun lunch box notes are a fun way to encourage your child to do their best and remind them of your love during the day while they are away from you.  You can always write your messages on sticky notes as a little reminder, or just to make your child’s face light up with smiles from your cute notes.  With just a little time and not much extra cost, you can add some adorable lunch box notes to your child’s lunch this week.  You may even be able to find some free lunch box notes to print off at home.  

Winter Themed Inspirational Lunch Box Notes for Kindergarten kids – These adorable lunch notes have little animals are dressed up for winter. Each card has a simple Bible scripture promise on it that will help your child think of God and His promises to them. Use the back side to write your personal messages of encouragement for your child.

52 Bible Verse Lunch Box Notes for Girls

Use these scripture cards to help your child learn and memorize scripture. Learn one a week. Tuck them in your child’s lunch to remind them that God loves them.

Get the Memory Verse Cards for Girls HERE.

52 Bible Verse Lunch Box Notes – for Boys

Use these scripture cards to help your child learn and memorize scripture. Learn one a week. Tuck them in your child’s lunch to remind them that God loves them.

Get these Memory Verse Cards HERE.

Use these scripture cards to help your child learn and memorize scripture. Learn one a week.  Tuck them in your child’s lunch to remind them that God loves them.  Use them as an inspirational note to remind them to do the right thing.  

Get these Memory Verse Cards HERE.

Lunch Box Notes for Kids, 60 Cute Design Positive Affirmations Lunch Box Cards for Kindergarten Kids – Inspirational & Motivational Notes for Lunch Boxes for Boys & Girls

60 Lunch Box Notes for Kids Cute Motivational and Inspirational Thinking of You Cards for Boy’s and Girl’s Lunchbox

Love Notes From Me! – 101 Lunchbox Love Notes for Kids – Make Your Child’s Day Happier!  These little 4″ x 4″ tear-out cards are perfect for slipping into a lunch box or putting one on your child’s pillow. 

Lunch Box Notes for Kids – This set contains 60 super cute cards with whimsical animals and short sayings such as Bee Amazing, Smile, Sealed with a Kiss, etc.  The cute animals in this set would make these perfect for lunch box notes for kindergarten or older.  

The Lunch Box Note:  A Story about Loving Others – While this is a book to read rather than a set of lunch box notes, the story is based on a true experience of how a little boy received a lunch box note from his dad and how it helped him love those around him even though he was in a difficult situation.  This is a great book to read to your child and talk about the impact they have in their classroom.   

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Lunch Box Note Ideas

Once you have your stash of lunch box notes, you can be super creative in when and where you use them.  Every day is a good day for a note from mom in your kiddos lunch box and this is something you can do the whole year!  Of course, the obvious place is putting them in their lunch each day, but you can also expand your creativity and put them in more places where your child will find them throughout the day.  

Tuck one in their Bible or devotional book.  Place them on the bathroom mirror where they will see it every day.  Put them on or under your child’s pillow.  You can also tuck them into a place where you know your child will find them such as when they put their laundry away or do other chores.  The sky is the limit on how to use lunch box notes to encourage your child and help them know how much you love them!  Lunch box notes for kindergarteners are also great for younger children and older kids as well!

Grab some regular paper and write some short notes to go in your child’s school lunch.  Just a simple note will be a sweet way to encourage a new kindergartner on the first day of school and beyond.  

Be creative!  The more you think of ways to encourage and support your child, you will likely find other ways to support them as well.  Remember to speak words of encouragement to them as well.  Now, go get some lunch box notes and start planning tomorrow’s lunch!  

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