3 Exciting Christian Magazines for Kids

I remember when my kids were younger, the joy they felt when they got mail addressed to them with their names on it. We subscribed to various Christian magazines for kids over time.

As parents, we constantly juggle the task of encouraging our kids to read while also ensuring they have access to quality, wholesome reading materials that resonate with our Christian family values.

Finding a fantastic Christian kids magazine is a game-changer because it effortlessly balances both of these concerns. Every month, you receive fresh reading content that’s been meticulously curated to represent your family’s values.

picture with three christian kids magazines covers for Brio, Clubhouse, and Clubhouse Jr.

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Christian Magazines for Kids 

There’s something undeniably cool about the experience of reading a magazine; it’s unlike reading a book or staring at a screen. Whether you’re feeling the pages fall across your lap or simply relaxing on your bed, a magazine that effortlessly opens to your current spot just makes reading more fun!

Christian kids’ magazines aren’t just about reading; they’re a gateway for your child to learn, relish reading, and embrace values that align with your family’s beliefs.

Focus on the Family children’s magazines will turn your children into mailbox watchers, eagerly anticipating their next issue each month.

A magazine subscription can be an incredibly thrilling gift, especially for younger children! The whole family can delve into the world of Christian teachings, explore special issues, and stay updated on current events through a Christian perspective. The real stories and fundamental skills for today’s Christian living will leave a lasting impression on your child. With fun activities and a variety of articles, these magazines will truly nourish your kids’ spiritual lives.

Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr.® – for boys & girls, ages 3 – 7

Clubhouse Jr. magazine has been in circulation since January 1988 which means they know what they are doing!  

Parents love the way Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. reinforces biblical values for children ages 3-7. This Christian kids magazine for boys and girls promotes family closeness, and encourages reading and thinking skills.

Each monthly issue of this children’s magazine is jam-packed with creative Bible stories, entertaining nature features, fun puzzles, exciting fiction, silly jokes, short stories and more.  This award winning magazine is designed to give your child a strong spiritual start. The premise is that learning about God should always be fun and engaging!

Clubhouse Jr. magazine is published every month and costs less than a stop at the drive through per issue.  Each issue has 36 pages that are packed full of fun that your boy or girl will love!  You might even find your older child interested as well.   

picture with three christian kids magazines covers for Brio, Clubhouse, and Clubhouse Jr.
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Focus on the Family Clubhouse® –  for Boys and Girls, ages 8 – 12

Clubhouse magazine has been in circulation since 1987.  This Christian magazine for kids aged 8-12 focuses on faith-building fun for kids. Each monthly issue of this award-winning Christian kids magazine is packed with stories of ordinary kids doing extraordinary things for God.  You’ll also find Average Boy’s hilarious adventures, character-building fiction, fun recipes, silly jokes, various puzzles and some exclusive Adventures in Odyssey content that isn’t found anywhere else. 

Each of the 36 pages of features in the magazine reinforce traditional values and encourage your child’s faith with Clubhouse magazine. Monthly magazines can really impact your child’s Christian life when they are focused about a Christian perspective for young children and older children as well.

When your kids outgrow Clubhouse Jr. magazine, they can move right into Clubhouse magazine without missing the fun issues.  This Christian kids magazine also costs less each month than the cost of a trip through the drive through for one person!  And unlike fast food, your kids can read and reread each issue and relate the information to their everyday life and then share them with a friend or relative!  

Brio® – Christian Girl Magazine for Teen Girls

Finding a Christian girl magazine that a teen girl can relate to can be challenging.  So many magazines designed for teenage girls are full of pop culture, fashion and romance but not many magazines are uplifting and supportive of Christian values.  

Brio magazine is one of those rare finds that encourages teen girls to stand up for what is right, provides positive role models, and takes on the hard questions with biblically sound answers and encouragement.  

Each issue comes with fun extras like a sheet of wrapping paper, poster with scripture, gift tags, encouragement cards and more.  Each of these extras are fun ways for girls to express themselves in a way that uplifts Christian values.  

The articles in the magazines don’t dance around difficult topics but instead, gently guide the readers through a biblical understanding of choices, values, and decisions.  These articles feature artists, musicians, and other role models who have struggled through difficult decisions. 

Topics include exciting, faith-based articles on navigating healthy relationships and body image, money, career dreams, fashion, boys, social media, music & entertainment features and more! Brio builds her up and boosts her confidence — so helpful to a teen girl growing up in a culture that sends mixed messages.

As a Christian mom, this is a magazine that my girls really enjoyed and I was confident that we would have some good conversations about different topics after they read each new issue.  

Brio has been in circulation for 25 years.  This 76-page Christian magazine for teen girls is published every two months for less than $3.33 per issue.  “Brio” means vigor, full of life and this magazine is full of topics Christian teen girls will resonate with.  Each issue has exciting, vivacious, faith-based articles, plus DIY, music and entertainment features, and more in support of Christian values. 

How to use Christian Magazines for Kids

Looking for a wonderful gift to fuel your child’s spiritual growth? Consider a subscription to one of Focus on the Family’s award-winning magazines! Kids adore the thrill of receiving mail, and the monthly arrival of a magazine designed just for them is something they’ll eagerly await.

If you have grandparents or extended family members searching for an easy and thoughtful present, a Christian kids’ magazine subscription is a perfect choice. It’s a way for them to be part of your child’s journey and enjoyment.

What’s more, these magazines can serve as a bridge to connect with neighbors or classmates. Once your child is done reading, sharing the magazine can foster a sense of community and shared values. Magazine subscriptions are an ideal gift, especially when you’re unsure of what to give.

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