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25 Simple Christian Easter Activities for Kids and Families

The story of Jesus’ death and resurrection can be a hard thing for children to understand.  But celebrating the Easter story is important to help your children learn the true meaning of Easter is not Easter eggs, the Easter bunny, and chocolate bunnies in Easter baskets.  Easter is so much more than an Easter egg hunt.  The story of Easter is one of the most beautiful stories in the whole Bible.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the promise that our sins can be forgiven when we ask God to forgive us.  

Jesus’ death on the cross was the greatest gift there ever was.  It is the real reason that it’s important to replay the events of Jesus’ life from his birth to his death and resurrection.  From Palm Sunday, through Sunday when Jesus was raised from the dead.  

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Christian Easter Activities for Kids

During the Easter season, your kids will likely be surrounded by Easter books about bunnies, cute chicks, egg hunts, and Easter games that celebrate spring and new life.  Holidays can be great times to create a family tradition and enjoy the holiday or celebration in a meaningful way.  But unlike the traditional, secular Easter traditions, the real meaning of Easter, Jesus’ death and resurrection, can be lost if you don’t purposefully plan the best way to share the Bible story with your whole family.

Young kids may not be quite able to grasp the enormity of God’s gift of His only Son, but they can begin to understand that it was something amazing.  Older kids can learn in a deeper way as you expand on the story each year as they grow older.  

Planning and preparing creative ideas that emphasize Christ’s sacrifice and God’s love will help your older children to understand the significance of Christ’s resurrection.  When your share your favorite Christian Easter activities with your kids of all ages, it builds family traditions and Christian faith.  Religious Easter Crafts

Religious Easter Crafts

Easter coloring pages and religious Easter crafts can be used in Sunday School class, in your home or school classroom to provide a backdrop for your Easter celebration.  These religious Easter crafts don’t have to be limited to Easter week.  The story of Jesus is not a seasonal story, but rather a story that is relevant every single day of the year.  Incorporate resurrection craft ideas often to focus on the fact that Jesus is alive and His death made provision for our sins to be forgiven when we ask.  

Skip the Easter bunnies and focus on Easter Bible verses that tell the story of Jesus life, death and resurrection.  Find an Easter story book or three and share these with your children.  Most of all, share the good news of Jesus with your kids often.  

Christ-Centered Easter Activities

  • Resurrection Eggs – You can purchase a set of resurrection eggs or create your DIY resurrection eggs with plastic eggs and the Bible verses and objects suggest. Put them in an egg carton and use them year after year. This is a great idea for younger children to be able to follow along in the story each day.
  • Resurrection Rolls or Empty Tomb Rolls – These simple rolls are so much fun to make with crescent roll dough. Lots of symbolism in the recipe that can help you relate what you are making to the story of Jesus’ death on Good Friday, rest in the tomb and then resurrection. As the story finishes with Jesus’ empty tomb, your resurrection rolls will be a visual reminder and object lesson of the empty tomb on Easter morning. Bake them the night before resurrection Sunday and then open up the oven in the morning to discover the empty rolls that represent the empty tomb.
  • Easter Garden or Resurrection Garden – Create a small flower bed display or create a scene in a planter pot that helps you tell and understand the story of the empty tomb. This can be the perfect way to remember the story beyond one day or one weekend.
  • White as snow experiment to show who that Jesus’s death on the cross has made our sins disappear.  This video shows you what ingredients you will need and the way to do this simple science demonstration.  
  • Resurrection Cookies are another creative way to celebrate and talk about Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Filled with symbolism, this fun idea can remind children of the significance of the Bible story.  
  • Joy Journey Activity Cards – Focus on the joy that the story of Jesus’ incredible gift has given us with these fun activity cards that you and your family can do to celebrate the joy in your hearts and share that joy with others. Each of the fun ideas listed in the free printable provide ways to celebrate joy or share joy with others.
  • Watch The Chosen together as a family and imagine what it would have been like to be with Jesus.  This video series provides a unique perspective that brings the Bible times alive.  Be sure to talk about how the video is true to the Bible story and when the creative license has played into the story to help your children differentiate between the Biblical narrative and the screen narrative.  
  • Celebrate the “last supper” with flat bread and juice and foot washing.  This can be a great time to talk about the traditions of the day, why it was significant that Jesus washed the disciples feet, and how he can also wash us clean as well.  
  • Plant something – seeds, flower bulbs, or little plants.  As you plant, talk about how Jesus went into the tomb, but then when God called him, he came out of the tomb.  Just like a little seed needs to be in the ground for a time before it begins to grow and turn into something beautiful.  Jesus makes us beautiful by forgiving our sins and washing us clean.  He gives us new life just like a seed or bulb starts to grow with new life.  
  • Easter Story Snack Mix – this is another simple way to help your child understand and tell the story of what Jesus’ death and resurrection means for us today.  
  • Easter Bible Reading Plan for Kids from Cheri Gamble – Read through key scriptures to understand the meaning of Jesus’ love for us and his great gift.
  • Easter Bingo – This printable bingo game can be used any time of the year and not just at Easter. Simple pictures in this game help your child remember the parts of the story. Perfect for your family worship time, Sunday School class, and classroom.
  • Resurrection Story Lap Book Bible Study by Danika Cooley This is such a great way to engage with the story. The printable pages can be colored, cut out, and then glued into the lap book making it a simple way for younger children to visually see the story.
  • Easter Story Flip Book
  • Easter Story Cootie Catcher
  • Easter Story Wheel
  • Easter Sunday Morning Scavenger Hunt – These printable scavenger hunt cards will be a fun way to remind your young children that Jesus is the reason that we celebrate Easter.  
  • Easter tree – This is such a cute way to countdown until Easter!  This fun Easter advent tree can be modified to match the ages of your children.  

Easter Sunday School Activities That Can be Done at Home

  • Mosaic Cross Craft – This tissue paper cross will take a bit of time for little hands and bigger hands may enjoy creating a beautifully colored cross.  You just need a piece of cardstock or heavy paper, some colored tissue paper or construction paper and a glue stick or white glue.  
  • Paid in full hand print craft.   Your child’s hand print can be a fun way to add personalization to a project. This craft idea will also help remind your child of Jesus’ hand prints on the cross.
  • Paper plate resurrection scene craft – Use simple materials you probably already have on hand to make this resurrection scene with your child.
  • Jelly Bean Prayer Who knew that jelly beans could be used to tell the gospel story! Combining ordinary things with stories about Jesus can help remind your child of His love every time they eat a jelly bean.
  • Pom pom cross activity – this craft is versatile.  You can use the pom poms with a dab of paint or simply glue the pom poms onto the cross.  Another activity using simple craft supplies.
  • Empty Tomb Craft includes a free printable to use!
  • Create a unique set of Easter story painted stones to help tell the story of the events leading up to the Last Supper or the Passover meal and Jesus’ death and resurrection.  

Using Christian Easter Activities for Kids

Whether you choose to do one Christian Easter activity for kids or plan out a whole month of activities, spending some intentional time helping your child understand the significance of Jesus death and resurrection can help you build family traditions together while encouraging your child’s connection and love for Jesus.  

Christian Easter activities for kids aren’t only for Sunday School.  They can also be used in your home family worship time or anytime you are together and intentionally talking with your kids.  Use these activities to engage your children with the different parts of the Bible Easter story and then talk to them about the meaning.  Ask them questions as they are working on these activities to provide them with the opportunity to process the big emotions that can come from thinking about our sins and the gift of the cross.  

Finally, remember that the story of Jesus is much much more than a date on a calendar.  Spend time talking about Jesus with your children every day.  Don’t save those conversations up for Christmas and Easter.  Rather, incorporate his life, death, and resurrection into your daily life so that it becomes a part of who you are as a family.  Focusing on Jesus as the model and example for your life can completely change the way you make decisions, fill your schedule, choose entertainment, and choose to live.  

Your children may not understand the full significance of living a life focused on Jesus just yet, but as they grow, they will remember the things they were taught as a child.  Be intentional about sharing the story with your family through engaging Christian Easter activities for kids that they will remember and remind them of Jesus’ great love for them on Easter weekend and beyond.  

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