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5 Simple Ways to Use Scripture Writing

Scripture writing may be a new term for you, but it is simply the process of writing down scriptures.  Nothing complicated, but adding this daily practice into your devotional time can help you really think about God’s word.

You may have heard of Bible reading plans where you read a certain passage or number of chapters or verses each day.  Scripture writing is similar to this in that you have a verse or short passage that you read each day and then write down in your Bible study journal, an index card, or some pretty paper to help you really think about the verse or passage you are writing.

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Benefits of Scripture Writing

You may be struggling with having a consistent devotional time every day. You are not alone. This is a challenge for every person at some time or other. Scripture writing is something you can do even if you don’t have very much time and it will impact you for the entire day. Get a free scripture writing plan here.

The biggest benefit of scripture writing is that it doesn’t take a lot of time, but the process of reading and then writing the scripture down helps it to stick in your mind. Research indicates that people remember things better when they physically write things down. The process of making the shapes of letters and words helps your brain remember. So, when you write scriptures, you are actually helping your brain begin to memorize the passage.

You can use scripture writing as a way to help you memorize scriptures. Write your verses on index cards and tuck them in your purse, tape them to your bathroom mirror, or use them as a bookmark in your Bible or book and read them often. Before you know it, you’ll have them memorized with little effort.

With scripture writing, you are actually slowing down to really think about the meaning of the verse or passage while you write. Unlike reading seven chapters a day to read through the Bible in a year, you are taking tiny bites of scripture.

Scripture Writing Plans

So many things are easier if you have a plan and scripture writing plans can be really helpful to guide you each day. Many scripture writing plans have a monthly focus or topic and all the verses surround that common theme. As you are spending specific time writing down scriptures, using a plan with a theme can help you understand the bigger concepts of God’s love and care, or His promises.

There are no rules about scripture writing plans, and you don’t have to use a scripture writing plan to enjoy the benefits and thoughtfulness that come from scripture writing. But a scripture writing plan can provide you with a starting point and focus.

Simple Ways to Incorporate Scripture Writing

There is no magic formula to scripture writing. It is just another way to spend time focusing on God’s words in your daily devotional time. Find a way that works for you and start using scripture writing in your prayer time today. Here are some ways to incorporate scripture writing in your worship time.

  • Write a scripture in your daily prayer journal and write about it. If you need a great prayer journal for that, you can find one here.
  • Do your scripture writing on index cards or greeting cards and share them with a friend to encourage them.
  • Find the verse in your Bible and do your scripture writing in the margin as Bible journaling.
  • Scripture coloring pages can also provide the opportunity to color the verses and surrounding designs as you think about the scripture.

One way I like to use scripture writing is to write the verse at the beginning of my prayer journal entry and then write about what the verse means to me. I love to look back over my journal and see the promises I wrote and then the prayers I wrote along with those promises. Many times, you can see where God has answered your prayers in very specific ways when you look back.

Scripture writing is also something that you can do with your children. Again, when we write something down, it sticks in our brains better than when we simply read it. So if your children are in the habit of writing scriptures, they are also working on storing up those verses in their memories. If you need a place to start with your kids, here are 52 memory verses for kids to memorize.

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Do you use scripture writing in your daily devotional time? Drop a comment below and tell me more.

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