Life Lessons I Learned from my Mom!

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I was blessed to grow up in a home with both of my parents.  Last summer my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  To say that my mom has been a positive role model to me is an understatement.

From the time I was little, my mom began teaching me intentionally and unintentionally about how to navigate life.  Some of the lessons were very overt and planned out while others were learned simply by watching her live her life.

Some of my earliest recollections in life include family, worship at home and church, cooking and reading.


As a child, we lived next door to the church and school where my dad pastored.  My mom was a stay at home mom and one of the most important requirements of her was flexibility.  I can remember many times (prior to cell phones and texting) that people would just drop by the house to ask my dad a question, or borrow the keys to the church, or just to visit because they were driving by.

There were also meetings that went long for my dad and my mom exhibited flexibility rather than impatience and frustration.  One year, we even had the new teacher and his family move into our house for 6 weeks!  I remember my mom making more food and washing more laundry but maintaining flexibility and patience.


I can hardly remember a weekend without company for lunch after church or an empty house on a Saturday night.  My parents are experts in hospitality.  Our home was never fancy and it was well lived in, but there was always room to share with others.  I can’t even imagine how many meals my mom has prepared for others!

My mom is also an excellent pie maker and as a child I can remember peeling bushels of apples for pies that we would take to the people we visited, neighbors, families of people in the hospital and anyone else who might need some cheering up.

As a child, we often spent Thanksgiving at home and I can remember our house being filled with people from church who didn’t have family close to them.


My mom has the amazing ability to read in the car without getting car sick, so our road trips, trips back and forth to my dad’s two churches, family worship, and any other time there was a lull in life, my mom would read to us.  I can distinctly remember where we were camping when she read specific stories to us and it bonded us together by sharing the emotion of a story.  When my children were younger, I carried on that tradition of reading to my children.


Another thing I learned from my mom was to sew.  My mother is very careful in following directions and reading the patterns and while this is still difficult for me, I can call her and tell her what the directions say and she can interpret that for me.

Many of my clothes as a child, were hand made by my mom.  My wedding dress was even altered and remade by my mom.  While I will never attain her perfection in sewing, I have learned to love to create beautiful things just like my mom.


The most important thing I have learned from my mom is to love God.  Both of my parents have been very influential in this.  From the time I was born, I attended church every week.  My parents spent time teaching me to pray, to read my Bible, and to learn to be a Christian.

I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t had that background.  My mom is just a phone call away, even now, when I get frustrated or need help and she always promises to pray for me and the situations I am going through.

A few years ago, my mom gave me a file filled with my emails to her.  The file was labeled “Karen’s Blessings” and the pages she had saved were all the emails I had written to her over the years about blessings or answers to prayers that I had received.  What a treasure!  My mom had taken the time to save these messages and then gave them to me as a reminder of the blessings.

I am abundantly blessed by my mom every single day of the year! I am so thankful for the mother she has been and is to me. Every day is a gift!

I would love to hear about your mom.  How has she influenced your life in a positive way?

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