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Let Go and Let God Lead Your Life

As a woman, it is often easy to feel like you don’t have value and worth.  It is scary to let go and let God take control of your life.  You may be in a job that makes you feel inferior or perhaps you’re a stay-at-home mom and feel like you are missing out on a career.  Maybe your girlfriends are better off financially than you are and they have bigger or better homes or nicer clothes.

It can be very easy to fall into the comparison trap of comparing yourself and your situation to others who are in different situations.  You tend to hold onto things tighter as you try to make some sense out of your life.

Letting go and letting God lead you is a scary place to be.  What if God takes you somewhere you don’t want to go?  What if He asks you to do something you don’t want to do?

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How to Let Go and Let God Take Care of You

What if there was a formula for success that didn’t cost anything financially but was sure to make a huge difference in your life?  What if you could do something to change the success or failure of your life and make it matter to your family and those around you?

If you are feeling like you don’t know what your purpose is or that finding your purpose and being successful in that purpose is too hard to figure out, then keep reading.

These characters from the Bible also felt like they didn’t have anything that could influence or impact others.  They felt defeated, grief-stricken, and forlorn.  They came to a cross-road where they had to decide if they would let go and let God lead them or would keep hanging on trying to make it on their own.

When they let go and let God take over, He took the little they had, that they gave to Him, and changed their lives and the lives of limitless others in the process.

What Happened When Ruth Let Go and Let God Provide

Ruth was a Moabite woman.  She probably married through an arranged marriage.  She was absorbed into her husband’s family, took his God, and left her previous life behind.  When her husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law all three died, she was left alone with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law.  She was faced with the choice to go with them or stay behind.

She had was a shawl like any woman of her time.  A shawl that she could hide behind, a shawl that she could wrap herself in to stay warm, a shawl to carry grain in, or wipe her tears.

When she chose to go with Naomi, God asked her to give Him her shawl.  A shawl was worn by women who were not allowed to work and earn a living.  Ruth was trying her best to provide for her mother-in-law as she followed God.  She chose to let go and let God handle her situation.

As she gave her shawl to Him, He provided for her needs.  He filled her shawl with more barley than she could carry.  He used her shawl to secure a new marriage with a man who would provide and protect her and her mother-in-law.

As Ruth let go and let God take care of her, God used her weak and feeble resources and turned her little into plenty.  God blessed Ruth and she became part of the line of ancestors of Jesus.

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What Happened When Moses Let Go and Let God Take His Staff

Moses grew up confused, living between two cultures.  Overnight, his mother was exchanged by Pharaoh’s daughter.  Even though his mother continued to nurse him and care for him, he couldn’t call her mother anymore.  He was born into a slave family but grew up in a palace operated and provided for by his kinsmen and women.

From this place of confusion, God led Moses to a life of trust and humility.

From the palace where he owned everything, Moses ends up being a shepherd who owned nothing but a stick.  The staff was his weapon against enemies of his sheep, a faithful friend in isolation, to the thing he held onto and relied on.

When God met Moses in the burning bush, He asked Moses what he had in his hand.  Moses’ reply was that he only had his staff.  God asked Moses to throw down his staff and lead His people out of bondage.  Moses argued that he couldn’t speak, he wasn’t educated, and he was a fugitive with a record of murder.

Again, God asks Moses what is in his hand and tells him to throw it down.  That little thing that was Moses’ security and companion but just a stick.  A walking stick or staff that showed just how far Moses had fallen from the palace life.  A staff that showed him doing a lowly job in the wilderness alone.

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When Moses gave his staff to God, it became more than a crutch.  In God’s hands, it became the staff of God and turned water to blood, brought flies to Egypt, and killed the firstborn sons of the Egyptian captors.  The staff became a symbol of God’s direction as the Children of Israel were set free from slavery.

God used the staff to open the Red Sea so the Israelites could cross on dry ground.  He also used the staff to bring clean water from a rock for the thirsty travelers.

The staff became the tool to free a nation from bondage when placed in God’s hands.

Do you remember what God did with a little boy’s lunch of loaves and fishes when it was offered and placed in God’s hands?  Those two loaves of barley bread and 5 little fish fed thousands of people with 12 baskets full leftover.

Do you remember what a sling and 5 stones did when given to God?  They were used by a young boy with no armor and no soldiering skills to kill the giant Goliath.

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What Can Happen When You Let Go and Let God Take Your Limitations?

As you think about what God can do with what little you have, what is He asking you to give Him?  Do you have a shawl that you are trying to hide behind?  Are you using your “shawl” to eek out a living but falling short?

Do you have a staff that you have used to protect yourself from your enemies?  Are you carrying confusion and bitterness?  Do you feel like you don’t have any skills that God can use?

Do you have a message on your heart but feel like you can’t speak or don’t sound educated?  Is your little lunch basket of two loaves and 5 fish so small that you don’t think you have enough to share with anyone else?

What can God do with your “staff” or “shawl”?  What might be seen as your shortcoming or a symbol of your inadequacy, could be used by God to do amazing things.  What could happen if you gave God the little thing that separates you from others?  What if He took your meager possessions and blessed them to abundantly meet the needs of others?

What is in your hand today?  What is holding you back?  What is that thing that seems to be in the way and keeps you from feeling needed, fulfilled, or you feel is a stigma that holds you back from growing and blessing others?

Let it go and give it to God today.  Ask Him to take your shawl or your walking stick.  Ask him to bless your little lunch and make your sling and stones fly far and true.  Then sit back and see what God can do when you let go and let God lead in your life.

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