Post-It Notes – My Favorite Organizational Tool.

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I’m always on a quest to be more organized or try a new organization method. I have a calendar, a to do list app on my phone and my computer but I always find myself coming back to my favorite office tools.

For years I have tried to look organized by others’ standards. Clean desk, neat and tidy files, and everything in its place. But my brain just doesn’t seem to work that way. I feel more productive when my entire desk is covered with papers, files, my laptop and three or four pens. Oh, and then the row of Post-It Notes on my laptop and beside my phone and along the side of my desk.

But the reality of my life and my organization is that I am more organized in piles. I read an article many years ago about the difference between horizontal and vertical filers. I definitely fall into the horizontal filing category. In my life, most people file things vertically in filing cabinets. In my office, a piece of paper that goes into a file folder and then in a drawer is lost forever for me. But papers in a stack on the corner of my desk, or in front of my computer are documented in my brain and I’m usually able to find the letter or invoice in short order in my piles.

Because of this, the typical calendar and phone apps don’t seem to work so well for me either. I love making lists and crossing things off. I have also been known to add things to my list that I’ve already done just so that I can cross them off the list! My husband just laughs at my “false” sense of efficiency.

Part of my challenge using my paper calendar is that I might want to change something. I like to have a flexible schedule and also a neat and tidy calendar.

This is where my stacks of Post-It Notes come in. I absolutely love Post-It Notes! I use them for literally everything! I have found that I love to make lists on Post-It Notes. Once I’ve crossed off all the items, I can crunch them up and toss them out and feel very efficient!
I recently purchased a Post-It Note calendar and I absolutely love it. I have the calendar hanging on my fridge and use if for our family calendar with the events and commitments for each family member. I have also used it as a menu planner so we can see at a glance what the menu plan is for the day, week and month.

This particular calendar has magnets on the back so it sticks to the fridge. It also has a great selection of colored sticky notes on the side that are the exact size of the calendar squares. So, if I need to write a note for a particular day, the Post-It Note fits right in the box.

Last week, I took the previous month’s calendar page and turned it over and used it to organize my blog topics for the month. I used a different color for each type of topic. This has worked so well for me because I can then take that little sticky piece of paper and put it on my phone to remind me of the next topic I need to write up.

I also love using Post-It Notes for my reminders. I have a great reminder app on my phone, but more often than not, I will write my list on a Post-It Note and stick it to my phone! I love the technology of my phone and my computer, but there’s just something tangible about a little piece of colored paper!

What is your favorite tool to help you stay organized? What is your favorite use for Post-It Notes? I’d love to hear your ideas.

56 thoughts on “Post-It Notes – My Favorite Organizational Tool.”

  1. I use post it notes a lot too! I have pads in the kitchen, office, and bedroom in case I need to write anything down.

  2. I didn’t know there was a post-it-note calendar; what an awesome idea. I do love post it notes though because I’m one of those people that tend to have to see the note, so if it’s on my phone, that doesn’t necessarily help. Plus, I like putting them in my planner so I can get rid of it later if I want!


  3. Oh a woman after my own heart! Love post it notes too! Great ideas! Did you know you can custom print on post it notes too on websites like Vista Print! Very cool!

  4. I love the idea of using Post-It-notes to organize your blog topics. I used to use Post-Its all the time when I worked at an office job, leaving myself little notes to remember what tasks still needed completed. But since becoming a SAHM, I haven’t used Post-it notes. Think I will buy some.

  5. Thanks for sharing your exly. I’m SOOO getting the post-it you recommended!
    Juggling too many balls, so always looking for new suggestions.

  6. I had no idea there was such a thing as a sticky note calendar! Its awesome that you have found something that works for you! I find that I need to have it on my phone, otherwise I forget it.. but my phone is pretty well always with me, so having my to-do’s on there keeps me somewhat organized. Great post!

  7. I use and love Post-it notes. 1. It always reminds me of Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. 2. They are a great way to visually keep organized. As a visual person this is very, very important.

  8. What a unique way of organizing things! Post-Its at your level probably wouldn’t work with my style, but I use them occasionally on my laptop as reminders. I recently watched a video about productivity and the speaker puts a post-it on her phone at the end of the day with the 3-4 things she NEEDS to do that evening, so she doesn’t forget it. Pretty handy!

  9. Oh My Gosh! This is so me! My brother-in-law once told me I needed to do an office management course because of the state of my desk! (I’ve worked in offices most of my life so that point is moot and also has nothing to do with neatness). I have a white board, cork board, filing cabinet (that things I don’t need get put in!) and post-its. I love post-its!

  10. Great post! It caught my eye because I’ve had a strong desire to map a few planning items for my business using post-it notes. I keep grabbing my notebook or using my Trelle, but maybe I just need to go grab my post-its! Lol

  11. I’m a sucker for cute, colorful stationery products! Thanks for sharing how you use Post-It notes. I didn’t know they made a calendar!

  12. Are there any busy moms that could live without these!? I have several colors on my desk and stuck to so many surfaces in my house. Survival, for sure!

  13. Great idea! I do use the calendar on my phone but I also love being able to cross something off my list. So it ends up for to-do lists or anything like that, I’m using using paper for that.

  14. I’m a horizontal stacker, too, and it works for me. I also use hand written lists for daily tasks, then my google calendar for appointments and ongoing or repeating tasks. Still searching for the best way to organize my blogging business…love the post it notes,may think about giving it a try

  15. Post it’s are my life saver too! I stick them on phone also! Who knew! I use the digital ones on my laptop, plus have them all over my desk and calendar. I like the pop up ones!

  16. I am the exact same way! I always have a collection of post-it notes to the side of my desk at work with various notes/to do/ etc and part of my Friday process is going through and making sure everything is done off of them. At home I use them on our family calendar and for reminders to my family members on stuff. Great post!

  17. This is great and it’s good you found your method. I am the exact oposite to you, I want everything in one place neat and ordered and labled. I want my lists and calendars in my phone able to be updated and changed anytime. I’m guessing I would probably be a vertical filer.

  18. I am a post-it enthusiast as well. There is something satisfying about tearing up the post-it and throwing it out when the task written on it has been completed!

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