My Daddy’s Bigger

We were sitting at the kitchen table quietly eating our lunch.  My husband, our 6 year old daughter, and 3 year old Tiegan, whom we baby sat.  We had cared for her several days a week for a year and a half after her mom died of leukemia.

As we ate our spaghetti, Tiegan piped up.  “My Daddy’s bigger than your Daddy.”  She wasn’t speaking to anyone directly, just stating a fact.

My husband and I exchanged amused looks.   The two dads in question are quite comparable in size.

I wondered where this concept had come from since Tiegan spent her time at her Grandma’s house and mine.  She didn’t hang out at the ball field or go to pre-school where she heard others bragging or boasting about their dads or brothers.

As I thought more about this, I realized that in her little life, her Daddy was the whole world.  She was living with her grandparents until her dad finished remodeling a new house.  But her daddy was the brightest thing in her life.

A three year old doesn’t comprehend size or strength from an adult standpoint and just because he is Daddy, he is strong and big and safe.  He could be the shortest man in the crowd, but he’s Daddy!  That one difference makes all the difference in the world to a little child.

The more I pondered this I came to the realization that God is our Big Daddy!  If we had the faith of a small child we would trust that God will always be stronger and bigger than any adversity.

When it comes time to accept changes in our lives, we often feel anxious and worried that things won’t work out just right or work out the way we think is right.  We try to make sure things go as planned (our plan) and stay on track (our track).  Sometimes we have to take detours and roadblocks and washed out times because that is where God is leading us.  But do we remember that God is our Big Daddy and He’s bigger than all of these things?

Just as Tiegan trusted that her daddy would come home every night and take care of her and love her, we need to constantly think about the ultimate care and love God has for us.  He has never ever let us down – if we are completely honest with ourselves.

Yes, there are times when it seems like He’s forgotten us or let us down, but when we look back at those times, we can see His hand leading us in those times as well.  We serve a very big God and He’s anxious for us to know that all the time.  He wants us to remember and then be able to share that with those we come into contact with.

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