Broken Crayons – New Beginnings

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The other day I was organizing some supplies in my classroom.  I had purchased some new boxes of crayons and had decided that it was time to replace the old broken crayons with new ones.  I keep the crayons in plastic soap boxes so that the kids can easily keep the crayons contained.  As I began sorting out the boxes, I started taking all the broken crayons out and saving the unbroken ones in a pile.  As I replaced a brand new box of crayons into each soap dish container I admired all the pretty new crayons.  I’m a teacher and I LOVE new school supplies any time of year!

Once I had all the new crayons transferred to their little soap dish boxes, I scooped up the broken pieces and dropped them in the trash can.  A little bit later, my students came into the classroom and I passed out the crayons and their worksheets.  As they opened their soap dish crayon boxes there were squeals of delight as they found brand new crayons.  They talked about how they could now color much better because the crayons were new and now used and broken.

After class I couldn’t help but reflect on the crayons and the excitement they provided for the kids.  I started thinking about how I have broken crayons in my life.  I have things that hold me back from doing my best work because I’m trying to color my life with broken crayons – crayons that don’t have points anymore and have ragged paper edges that I need to peel back to get to the crayon.

What if I threw the broken crayons out of my life?  What if my box of dreams was all fresh and new without any broken promises or half-finished hopes.  What if I had a new set of dreams with 24 shiny new colors to use?  What would my today look like if my broken crayons were replaced with new ones?

The more I think about this analogy, the more I want that new box of possibilities in my life each day.  I don’t want the broken hopes and dreams to hold me back.  I’m reminded that God’s mercies are new every morning and His faithfulness is overflowing!

Today, I hope that you will be able to open a new box of colors and be able to toss the broken, used up hopes and dreams.   Go color your world!

If you had a “new box of crayons” today, what would you do?  Drop a comment in the box below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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