Self-Care Assessment

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As you work on your self-assessment for creating a self-care life, you may be amazed at the simple ways you can reduce your stress and busyness by taking a few minutes each day to focus on the 8 principles to help simplify your life.

  • Do you have more to do than you have time?
  • Are you overwhelmed trying to keep your house clean?
  • Want to try eating more healthfully?
  • Looking to lose a few pounds and have more energy?
  • Have you said yes to a few too many things?
  • Does your menu need a healthy makeover?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need this value-packed Practical Guide for Christian Women.

8 Principles for Creating Your Self-Care Life

You know you need to make some changes to have a healthier life. But change is hard and how do you know which changes to start with that will make the most impact immediately?

I created this Creating Your Self-Care Life e-book to help you with your journey. Discover simple ways to change your planning to result in huge health benefits. Eliminate the excess in your life to create a simpler daily routine and focus on the most important things in your life.

30+ pages of trackers, planners, and worksheets. Use these printables to help you set goals, plan, track, and progress along your goal of a healthier life.

30+ pages of actionable tips and practical information to help you plan your next steps to living a self-care life.

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Additional Resources:

If you’re looking for additional prayer resources, Praying Moms – Using Scriptures to Pray for Others is a great place to start on our site. It contains an amazing list of scriptures and topics to pray for your children and those around you.