Have you ever signed up for something, excited about how it will transform your life, but then you don’t know how to follow through?

You have the best intentions of completing the challenge but then get sidetracked and wonder how to actually do it?

You are NOT alone in this!

That’s why I created the Praying the Promises of God for Your Children Toolkit. It includes everything you need to help you get started, stay committed, and by the end of the challenge, be a mom who is confident praying for her children and claiming God’s promises.

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Keep reading to see what’s included and how it can help you in this challenge.

Discover the prayer life you’ve wanted and give your worries about your children to God!

When I first started praying the promises of God for my children, I was excited. Finally, I had found something that could be life-changing and I could do! How could God not answer my prayers if I was claiming His promises?

But I soon encountered some roadblocks…

…how do I know which promises to pray

how do I use God’s promises and apply them to my child…

…or how do I stay focused and committed when life is busy…

I also struggled with the feeling of overwhelm and yes, even regret. If only I had done more, or been a better mother, or talked about God more when the kids were tiny. I can’t even stay on track for a few days, how will this even help my kids?

My intentions were good. No, they were fantastic and committed, but then life got in the way!

So, I knew I needed something more defined to help me stay on track. I needed an easy system to help me be consistent every day. After lots of trial and error, consistency, and forgetfulness, I developed a method that I could use every morning in my devotional and prayer time.

This process will help you…

  • Be consistent with my devotional and prayer time.
  • Focus my prayers on God’s promises.
  • Spend time memorizing God’s word.
  • Give my negative emotions, worries, and fears to God and rest in His promises.
  • Have a closer relationship with God.

Before long, I started seeing a difference in my life!

I felt more confident giving my worries to God and living a joyful life.

The worries and concerns that had consumed me as a mom, were replaced with promises from God.

The approval of others didn’t seem quite as important as I focused on God’s love for me and my family.

I absolutely KNOW that the next 30 days on this journey can be transformational in your life as well!

That’s why I created this toolkit! To help you experience the freedom that comes from giving your worries and concerns for your children to God. It has helped me so much and I know it can help you as well!

Want to see what’s inside the toolkit? Wonderful! Here are the details.

The toolkit is packed with the tools you need to make the next 30 days the beginning of an exceptional prayer life!


The Printable Praying the Promises of God for Your Children Prayer Journal includes “done for you” daily pages that connect with the daily devotional and focus scripture.

Space for journaling your prayers.

Scripture writing.

Prompts to help you connect with the Scriptures and apply them to your life.

Reflection questions for each day.


6 Scripture coloring pages – one for each week of the challenge.

Slow down and take some time to meditate on God’s promises.

Use them on the weekends when you have a little more time.


Short devotional connecting the focus scripture to your prayer time. Simple questions to help you apply the daily message to your life and connect with God while focusing on God’s promises.


Daily scripture cards to take along in your purse.

Use the cards to encourage a friend!

Post around your home or office to help you memorize the scripture and focus on God’s promises.

A simple way to surround yourself with God’s word.


Specific Bible verses to read, ponder, and pray over your children during the 30-day challenge and beyond.

God’s word does not become old, and these verses contain truth, promise, and hope for the days ahead.

These verses may just become your new favorite scriptures!

Just imagine what it will be like if…

You know that God is hearing and answering your prayers.

Your understanding of God’s love for you and your children is deepened.

Focusing on what God is doing leads to less worry and more trust.

You are living confidently in His promises every day.

The guesswork of your daily prayer-time was gone with a specific focus each day.

With the Praying the Promises of God for Your Children Toolkit you can!

Get the Praying the Promises of God for Your Children Toolkit

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